Free Group Classes March 23 – March 29


Sunday, March 23

Piloxing    1:00 pm—2:00 pm    Ashley

Tuesday, March  25

Cardio Core    10:00 am—10:50 am    Marge
Pilates    11:00 am—11:50 am    Lauren
Lunch Yoga    12:00 pm—12:50 pm    Rachel
Cardio-Core    5:30 pm—6:20 pm    Marge

Thursday, March 27

Pilates    10:00 am—10:50 am    Lauren
Cardio Core    12:00 pm—12:50 pm    Marge
Weight Loss Yoga    7:00 pm—8:00 pm    Rachel

Classes have a maximum of 12 people. In order to reserve your spot,  call (630) 357-7087.

Carla’s Reality – Naperville Woman Loses 100 Pounds!

contact-usFrustrated? For me, weight has always been an issue that frustrated and discouraged me. My own life-long struggle with obesity has made me sensitive to the challenges of committing to the changes necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

In my lifetime, I’ve been on hundreds of diets and seen just as many nutrition specialists and dieticians. Until now, I have always had the same results. I would lose a few pounds, get frustrated, quit and regain all the weight plus a few extra pounds to reach a new all-time high.

The Secret to My Success. After life had thrown me a few curve balls, it was time to reevaluate the direction that my life was going and make some permanent life-style changes. A few years ago, I began another weight loss program – this time with a change in attitude.

I discovered that a healthier life-style does not have to be about deprivation and failure. In fact, healthy living…

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